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Al Weezy Transition Photo Amazed Many As He Lived As A Man Before

Yes, Al Weezy was a man before thriving in social media popularity and sharing her dating experiences on the real side.

Al Weezy, aka Ali C Lopez, is a TikTok sensation known for lip-syncing, POV videos, and short vlogs.


  • When Al Weezy revealed she was transgender, many found it hard to believe that she had lived as a male before.
  • However, she has a softer demeanor and feminine voice, which is attributed to her transition look.
  • Many Instagram users had mixed reactions when an Insta page flaunted her before and after the transition photo.

At just 23 years old, Ali has carved out a distinctive space for herself, inspiring others with her journey as both a plus-size model and a transgender woman.

Al Weezy faced mean comments from some guys online because she called herself a confident female despite being plus-size.

What surprised many, including those who made fun of her, was that she is transgender.

This shows how people judged her unfairly based on appearance and stereotypes.

Despite the loathing comments on social media, she never misses a chance to post vibrant and engaging content.

Folks Are Quite Amused To Know Al Weezy Lived As A Man Before

Born on May 5, 2000, Al Weezy was assigned as male gender at birth, then changed into a female as per the Tiktok sensation’s wish.

People may be surprised when Al Weezy reveals she’s transgender because they stereotype transgender women based on certain physical traits, like size or height.

These stereotypes can be misleading because not all transgender women fit them.

Al Weezy’s ability to defy these stereotypes challenges people’s assumptions about what a transgender woman “should” look like.

Al Weezy has qualities that help her pass as a female, like a softer jawline and a great voice.

When an Insta Page, “Before They Were Famous,” revealed the before-and-after transition photos, folks had mixed reactions.

One commented that Al Weezy is a pretentious female and should avoid influencing other girls with makeup and costumes.

Thankfully, another defended her right to be whatever she yearns for.

Her ability to live confidently despite online criticism is inspiring to both transgender and cisgender women with similar body types.

Her example shows that living authentically and boldly is powerful regardless of others’ opinions.

Additional Information

  • During 2023, Al Weezy made an appearance on The Whatever podcast and regularly shares her modeling journey on Instagram through her account, al. Weeezy.
  • In her personal life, she dealt with the loss of her cousin, Nina Marie Dierolf, in 2018.
  • One of her TikTok videos in February 2023 featured the song “TE DESEO LO MEJOR” by Bad Bunny.
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