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Baby Reindeer Nava Mau Mexican-American Background Influenced Her Career Path

Nava Mau is a talented actress, producer, filmmaker, and cultural worker from Mexico who has achieved notable success in the entertainment industry for her versatility and excellent acting.

She is in the spotlight for her role as Teri, a therapist Donny meets on a trans dating site in a British miniseries Baby Reindeer.


  • Nava Mau’s parents were originally from Mexico but migrated to San Antonio, Texas, in search of better opportunities.
  • She aims to promote awareness of different ethnic backgrounds within the entertainment business.
  • She believes religious faith can change the future towards positivity.

32-year-old Mauricio Navarro, also known as Nava Mau, was born in Mexico City, Mexico, on May 14, 1992.

Nava Mau’s experience with surgery served as inspiration for her work as a counselor for survivors of LGBTQ violence.

Despite facing discrimination and prejudice in the media, she has become an ambassador for transgender rights and has worked to create more representation for transgender individuals on screen.

Nonetheless, she worked for 8 years in healing justice and culture change with community-based service providers, student organizations, and survivors of violence.

Nava Mau Ethnic Background Build A Strong Foundation For Storytelling

Nava Mau is of mixed-race Latina ethnicity. Her background as a Mexican-American actress and director is crucial to her storytelling since it gives her viewers a distinct viewpoint.

Her parents, Gabriel Navarro and Rae-Ellen Navarro, were originally from Mexico but migrated to San Antonio, Texas, in search of better opportunities.

Gabriel Navarro worked as an accountant, and Rae-Ellen Navarro was a counselor and a teacher.

They supported Nava’s identity as a trans woman and encouraged her to come out during her high school years.

Nava’s ethnic background influences her short film Waking Hour. It gives her a distinct viewpoint in her performances and provides a voice for Mexican-American communities.

Similarly, she aims to promote a better awareness and respect of many ethnic backgrounds within the entertainment business.

The Mexican-American Actress Nava Mau Silent On Her Beliefs

Nava Mau hasn’t disclosed her religious beliefs to the tabloids. She seems to follow the Christian religion, but there isn’t any solid proof to prove it.

Although she believes that there is no future without faith, she has been low-key towards her religion. Nava Mau expressed,

“if faith were enough I’d pray a thousand times and a thousand times again
this world of grief has ruined and broken and robbed
and yet there is no future without faith
so today I chant aloud and hope that one prayer is better than none”

Additional Information

  • Nava Mau is fluent in Spanish, English, and French.
  • She studied at Pomona College and earned a BA in Linguistics & Cognitive Science in 2014.
  • The Mexican-American actress has produced 5 independent short films centered on intimacy and LGBTQ people.
  • She was a Research Assistant at NORC and Student Coordinator for Community Engagement at the Draper Center for Community Partnerships.
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