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The Artistic Involvement Of Parents, Richard D’Arcy And Sally D’Arcy, Shaped Emma D’Arcy’s Career

Emma D’Arcy rose to prominence after their role as Rhaenyra Targaryen in the Game of Thrones prequel, House of the Dragon.

D’Arcy plays a non-binary role in the series, just like their authentic self.


  • Emma D’Arcy was raised in a creative family and gained artistic genes from their parents.
  • Emma’s mother, Sally, balances fundraising and her career simultaneously.
  • Emma had a partially inconvenient childhood due to their parents’ deep faith in a spiritualistic church.

Emma prefers to address themselves as they or them instead of she or her.

They were into arts back in school and drew their sister Chloe’s amazing paintings back then.

The actor graduated in Fine Arts from Oxford in 2011 and appeared in multiple theatre productions, ultimately landing their first role in a TV series.

Emma D’Arcy’s Parents Have An Affinity For Art As An Illustrator And Creative Director

Emma was born on June 27, 1992, in Enfield, Greater London, England, to her parents, Richard John D’Arcy and Sally Elizabeth D’Arcy.

Golden Globe Award nomination actor grew up alongside their sister, Chloe D’Arcy, who is a non-binary dancer.

Emma’s mother, Sally, is a freelance illustrator now, but before that, she experienced depression when in Amsterdam.

Thus, she made her portfolio during the hard times, and art saved her from the pitfalls.

After Sally’s father’s demise due to liver cancer in 2020, she has been an active fundraiser who donates to a cause. She balances her career and charitable endeavors.

In February 2013, Sally took to her Facebook and updated her status,

how am I feeling Facebook. Well, I am very excited at the prospect orf going to see Emma D’Arcy tonight in Bunny, by Jack Thorne..thanks for asking!

Then, a few months later, she posted,

Saw my big girl in Oxford last night in the first play she has co-directed as well as acted in. Congratulations Emma D’Arcy & to Thomas Bailey and to the cast and crew.. What a superb team & what outstanding performances..

This shows that Sally was highly supportive of Emma’s acting career from the very beginning.

Emma’s dad, Richard, ran an art studio called Cheltenham Open Studios as a Creative director,

Then he moved to Holland for better opportunities, where he earned twice what he had earned in England.

D’Arcy’s Parents Were Influenced By Spiritualism When Emma Was Young

In an interview with HeyUGuys, Emma admitted that their childhood wasn’t luxurious or conventional.

Although they haven’t revealed much about their childhood, they said,

My parents had a strong relationshiop with the spiritualist church, when I was growing up.

Consequently, due to their upbringing, they have faith in the paranormal realm and are always open to any sort of spiritualism.

They added,

My dear, dear grandma passed a couple of years ago, and she was fully immersed in this spiritualist church, and so I will always stay open in case she wants to pay a visit.

In another interview for Truth Seekers, the actress shared about their dad, Richard.

They recalled,

My father was a huge sci-fi addict, in a big way and that was my entry point to storytelling.

According to Ancestry, the surname D’Arcy has Norman origin, and their ancestors most likely have English and Irish roots.

D’Arcy is the habitational name derived from Arcy living in Manche, a region in France.

Additional Information

  • Emma D’Arcy’s estimated net worth is $1 million as of this 2024.
  • Emma is rumored to be in a relationship with filmmaker Thomas May Bailey; however, the details are yet to be confirmed.
  • On the set of House of The Dragon, Emma met their lifelong best friend, Olivia Cooke.
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