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Streamer Sketch’s Candid Revelations on His Sexual Orientation

Sketch, also known as TheSketchReal, is a popular Twitch streamer who became famous by playing Madden on Twitch and posting humorous TikToks.

Fans speculated he is gay for doing adult content in the past under the pseudonym Jamie Mar.


  • Netizens believed he might be gay because of his previous work as an adult content creator.
  • He expressed that dating has been difficult for him due to his fame, and he had several e-dates.
  • He married fitness influencer Faith Ordway for fun in Las Vegas in April 2024.

Sketch was born around 1998 to 1999 in Dallas, Texas. His parents were Hispanic and English origin, and they named him Kylie Cox.

He streamed on TikTok playing an American football sports video game, Madden NFL 24, in 2023. He also streamed it on Twitch the same year and amassed 1.1 million followers.

Later, the streamer published his Madden NFL 24 gameplay content and vlog videos on YouTube. As of 2024, he has amassed 517K subscribers on his channel.

Sketch announced the Houston Texan’s fourth-round pick at the 2024 NFL draft pick on April 27, 2024.

Moreover, his catchphrase, “What’s up, brother?” went viral on TikTok, and many professional sports teams, including the Dallas Mavericks and Tennesse Titans, have adopted it.

Streamer Sketch Gay Accusations Arises For His Adult Content

The popular Twitch streamer Sketch hasn’t explicitly stated his sexual orientation, and it is essential to respect his privacy.

However, his previous work as an adult content creator suggests that he identifies as part of the LGBTQ community.

Some fans believe Sketch is gay and bisexual, whereas others think he is straight, expressing the fact that Jamie Mar might be just another identical person.

Stable Ronaldo, Cuffem, Plaqueboymax, and many others reacted to the recent rumors about him.

Previously, Sketch has expressed that dating has been difficult for him due to his fame, and he has yet to fall in love.

His friend, Jynxzi, had arranged several e-dates for him, but he wasn’t smooth with the ladies. As a public figure, he can not do several things, like use dating sites like Tinder.

Sktech expressed “Raw Talk” that he is looking for a genuine connection with a potential love interest in the future.

He and fitness influencer Faith Ordway had a wedding for fun in Las Vegas in April 2024.

I’m a married woman now. The love is real. The marriage was not. That was just for fun. We got married for fun.

Faith Ordway said in a YouTube vlog.
Sketch with Faith Ordway

On allegation, the streamer spoke about his bygone days when he used to have an intimate relationship with a male.

Similarly, regarding the adult content, he confessed that he used to have an addiction problem that made him behave that way.

Additional Information

  • Sketch was a linebacker at The Woodlands Christian Academy’s football team and attended Lone Star College before leaving academics.
  • His net worth is estimated to be $1 million as of 2024. Previously, he worked in real estate from 2020 to 2023 before starting his career in gaming.
  • The Twitch streamer struggles with anxiety and can’t read without glasses.
  • He needs to improve at assessing watchlists and lost $20,000 while attempting to trade stocks in the past.
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