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Mike Heslin’s Father John And Mother Geriann, Lost Their 2 Kids

Mike Heslin, a 30-year-old actor, writer, and producer, lost his life due to cardiac arrest on July 2, 2024. His husband, Scotty Dynamo, announced the tragic news on social media.

The entertainment industry mourns the tragic loss of a rising star famous for Lioness, The Influencers, and The Holiday Proposal Plan.


  • Mike Heslin, born in 1994 to John and Geriann, grew up with his siblings in California.
  • He had an unexpected cardiac event while he was on a trip with his close friends.
  • He married Scotty Dynamo in November 2023 and was about to start a small family. 

Heslin was young and in perfect health; however, doctors could not explain what happened.

Tragically, he lost his life after a week-long battle in the hospital just under three weeks before his birthday.

He was on a trip with his best friends, Ben Simpson and Joshua Pemberton, when he suffered a sudden cardiac attack.

Mike Heslin was not only brilliant but also selfless. In a final act of kindness, he donated his organs, giving the gift of life to four families.

His legacy lives on through his work, kindness, and the lives he touched on earth.

Mike Heslin’s Parents Lost Their Two Kids

Mike Heslin, the son of John and Geriann, was born in California in 1994. His parents named him Michael, and he grew up alongside his siblings Timothy, Andrew, and Anna.

His family had to let him go so he could be with his late brother Robert. Robert also d**d unexpectedly at the age of 30 in March 2023.

Mike’s close friends have set up a GoFundMe campaign to help cover funeral and hospital costs. They tried to support the Heslin family during this time of upheaval and change.

His parents suffered a tremendous loss after the tragic demise of two children, and they financially could use a helping hand. The fundraiser brought in nearly $60,000 in three days.

Moreover, Mike was about to start a family of his own with Scotty Dynamo, real name Nicolas James Wilson. They married in November 2023.

Just a week ago, we were in the early stages of starting a family and would regularly share our favorite baby names for our future kids. You always told me that you felt like you were meant to be a dad, and I couldn’t agree more. You would be the world’s most perfect father. If I ever become a dad, I am going to name my son after you and hope that I manage to raise him to become at least half the man you are.

Scotty Dynamo expressed via Instagram.

Mike was the first person his friends and family would call when they had wonderful news to share, needed a shoulder to cry on, or needed the most excellent advice.

He shared a close bond with his family and grew up in a loving environment.

Mike is survived by his parents, siblings, husband, and close friends. He turned everyone around him into a better version of themselves. 

Additional Information

  • Mike Heslin earned a BFA in Directing from the Boston Conservatory at Berklee and co-founded Well-Versed Entertainment, a production house. 
  • He helped his husband through multiple rounds of cancer. Scotty was diagnosed with testicular cancer in 2020.
  • Actress Kimiko Glenn shared a tribute to Mike, calling him the best person for everything.
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