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Ross Lynch’s Live Stage Performace With Troye Sivan Doesn’t Address His Sexuality

Ross Lynch and Troye Sivan recreated the music video for One of Your Girls live on stage at London Wembley Stadium.

The hype was similar to when the music video dropped for the first time in the fall of 2023.


  • Despite the resurfacing rumors, Ross Lynch has never made public remarks on his sexuality.
  • Ross and Troye’s flirtatious interactions on TikTok fueled their dating rumors in the past.
  • Ross Lynch’s history of publicly dating women indicates that performance doesn’t dictate an actor’s personal life.

After the video went viral, viewers are going crazy, and speculations regarding Ross’s sexuality have resurfaced, with massive airwaves.

Opinions are divided into three categories: one team claiming he is gay, another opting he is bisexual, and the last one accepting that he is an actor, and his performance doesn’t vouch for his sexuality.

A thread was created on Threads on June 30, 2024,

This may be a dumb question, but is Ross Lynch gay? Or is he just friends with Troye?

Ross Lynch and Troye Sivan Flirted Back And Forth On TikTok, Fuelling Dating Speculation

Thus, the answer is yes. The two have previously hinted at a possible romance on several occasions.

In 2023, the duo was involved in a back-and-forth flirtation on TikTok that ignited rumors between them.

It started after Ross followed the heart-eye trend, which predominantly gained attention for describing Troye’s radiating charm in drag.

In response to the video, Troye commented, “Ross Lynch said yes and is available to shoot.”

Following this, Ross posted a duet with Troye where Sivan’s “One of Your Girls” played in the background.

Afterward, Sivan gave the fans a behind-the-scenes look at the music video, indicating the duo’s budding romance.

This was not the end of the story; the flirtation progressed as Sivan posted a video on his TikTok with the caption,

@ross_lynch say what u want and I’ll keep it a secret.

Ross’s Dating History Dismisses Questions About His Sexuality

Keeping the back-and-forth flirtation with Sivan aside, Ross has dated way too many girls even to imagine him being of any other sexuality except straight.

It had been confirmed that Ross dated dancer Morgan Larson in 2012 after they met on the set of Teen Beach Movie.

Later in 2019, Lynch revealed that he was trapped in a love triangle at the time, and his co-star, Maia Mitchell, was involved in it.

This hinted at a potential romance between Ross and Maia. However, nothing was confirmed from either side except for Ross and Maia sharing a kiss that was not mentioned in the script.

In 2015, Ross officially announced his relationship with the co-star of Yellowjackets, Courtney Eaton, marking the first ever open relationship he had been in.

However, they had parted ways by the end of 2017, evidenced by the “then-girlfriend” remark in an interview with W, followed by the deleted Instagram posts.

Then, Ross met Jaz Sinclair on the set of Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, and their dating rumors started to circulate after Ross’s sister, Rydel, shared a snap of Ross and Jaz kissing on New Year’s Eve, 2019.

Although they initially denied the rumors, the couple went official after their red-carpet debut at the Balmain show in Paris.

After dating for a prolonged time, a break-up rumor emerged in the summer of 2023 as their appearances on each other’s social media handles diminished gradually.

Neither directly addressed the speculation, but it is confirmed that the couple has parted ways, according to Who.

Soon after the rumor subsided, the singer shared a snap on Instagram (now deleted) showing him cozily dancing with an anonymous lady at a party.

Nonetheless, Ross has not confirmed any of these claims or addressed dating rumors with Troye Sivan despite the uproar in the media.

Additional Information

  • Ross Lynch has an estimated net worth of $5 million as of 2024.
  • The 28– year-old actor Ross started his acting journey in 2009 with his role as Ross the Boss in Moises Rules!
  • After 3 years of coming out as gay to his family, Troye Sivan publicly came out through his YouTube video on August 7, 2013.
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