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Tynomi Banks’s Mother, Nicolette Brown, Has Been A Drag Artist Even When It Wasn’t A Mainstream

Tynomi Banks, a Canadian drag queen, is in the spotlight for her debut single “Die For Love.” She is famous for impersonating Beyonce and Whitney Houston.

She will compete in the upcoming reality competition television series, Canada’s Drag Race: Canada vs. the World. It will premiere on July 19, 2024.


  • Tynomi Banks was born as Sheldon McIntosh to Nicolette Brown on June 4, 1981.
  • Her mother has been a drag artist since 1995, paving the way for others to follow when drag wasn’t as mainstream.
  • Nicolette Brown is a former Miss Crews & Tango, Miss Gay Universe, Miss El Convento Rico, Miss Woodys and Miss Baileys.

Tynomi Banks is an actor and director known for Traffic Is Magic, Jump, Darling, and The Browns.

Her drag name is a fusion of two iconic supermodels, Tyra Banks and Naomi Campbell. She honors these legendary artists by combining their names while creating her unique identity.

She has been a staple of Toronto’s queer nightlife scene for over a decade, performing at bars, festivals, and events, captivating audiences with her powerful performances.

Tynomi was selected to participate in a marketing campaign for Crest during Pride Toronto in 2018.

She rose to international fame after appearing in the first season of the reality competition television series Canada’s Drag Race, which premiered on July 2, 2020.

Tynomi Banks’s Mother, Nicolette Brown, Has Been A Drag Artist Since 1995

Tynomi Banks, the daughter of drag artist Nicolette Brown, was born in Pickering, Ontario, Canada, on June 4, 1981. Her parents named her Sheldon McIntosh.

Nicolette is a former Miss Crews & Tango and Miss Gay Universe famous for impersonating Tina Turner, Lizzo, and Missy Elliot. 

Nicolette was a victim of abuse and took her children to live in a shelter for a night. She worked very hard and started the journey of getting on her feet. 

You will never sleep in a shelter again. I will take care of you.

Nicolette Brown told her two children.

Nicolette has been a drag artist since December 1995, paving the way for others to follow when drag wasn’t as mainstream as it is today.

She became Miss El Convento Rico in 1996. Similarly, she won Miss Woodys and Miss Baileys in 2003.

Nicolette, also known as Nicki King hosted Champagna’s Drag Brunch at Lula Lounge.

Her achievements remind people with hard work, dedication, and genuine passion can achieve anything.

She provides financial guidance for her two children and teaches them to hustle.

In the initial two months, she helped her daughter with rent and my phone bill while Tynomi figured out how to make things work in her career path.

However, Tynomi hasn’t talked much about her biological father.

Additional Information

  • Tynomi Banks studied public relations at Durham College in Ontario, Canada, and worked at the Learning Annex.
  • Priyanka became the winner of the first season of Canada’s Drag Race, whereas Tynomi finished in 9th place.
  • Tynomi released a Black Lives Matter-themed clothing line and performed at the Drive N Queens Summer Series in 2021.
  • She is of Jamaican heritage and discussed its influences on her performance style.
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