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Julia Fox Is Possibly Single After Coming Out As Lesbian

Julia Fox, an Italian-American actress famous for Uncut Gems, recently came out as a lesbian, playfully apologizing to her ex-boyfriends with the words, “So sorry, boys!”

She revealed her sexual orientation in response to a viral meme about lesbians seen with their boyfriends.


  • Julia Fox have been celibate for 2 and a half years in 2024 and publicly came out as a lesbian in July 2024.
  • She has a son, Valentino, born on January 17, 2021, from her then-husband, Peter Artemiev.
  • She dated rapper Ye in early 2022, but they ended their relationship soon.

Julia Fox, the daughter of Gracie and Thomas Fox, was born in Milan, Italy, on February 2, 1990.

She grew up with her grandfather in Saronno, outside Milan, until she was six. Later, she moved to New York City to live with her father while frequently visiting her mother in Italy.

Julia had a problematic relationship with her parents and left home to live with her boyfriend at 15. Later, she started living in her friend’s home after her substance abuse dealer boyfriend was arrested.

Julia started her career as a clothing designer and model. She launched a successful women’s knitwear luxe line, Franziska Fox, and posed for the last nude edition of Playboy in 2015.

Julia Fox Dated Men Before Coming Out As Lesbian

The Italian-American actress Julia Fox now identifies as a lesbian, and her romantic history includes both men and women.

She claimed to have been celibate for 2 and a half years in 2024 and publicly came out as a lesbian in July 2024.

Reflecting on her personal life, Julia Fox is possibly single. Before coming out, she was in relationships with men.

She married Peter Artemiev, a private pilot from Brooklyn, in November 2018, but their relationship didn’t last long, and they divorced in July 2020.

They lived together in Yorkville, Manhattan, and shared a son, Valentino, born on January 17, 2021.

Moreover, she dated rapper Ye, formerly Kanye West, after meeting in Miami on New Year’s Eve but broke up the following month in 2022.

There was a rumor that their relationship ended due to the rapper’s dislike of her going into “goblin mode,” which went viral online, but Julia confirmed it was false.

Later, she detailed their relationship in her 2023 memoir, Down The Drain, referring to Ye as “the artist” in the book.

Julia isn’t dating anyone and expressed that she doesn’t have the bandwidth for it emotionally, physically, and mentally.

She is more focused on her work and doesn’t want to be that person’s girlfriend.

Also I feel like with women in media, the moment they date somebody, it’s like that’s who they become. Like ‘that person’s girlfriend.’ I refuse to ever let that happen to me again because I’m so much more than that. And if that means I have to sacrifice ever falling in love again, I’m so fine with that.

Julia Fox expressed on the news coverage.

Nonetheless, Julia is looking for a relationship with someone with kids so they understand that they can never come first.

Additional Information

  • Julia Fox’s American father and Italian mother split during her childhood. She has two siblings.
  • She tried to take her own life at 16. Thus, she was diagnosed with borderline personality disorder in a psychiatric ward.
  • She co-hosts Forbidden Fruit, where she claimed to have bipolar disorder. She is autistic and experienced postpartum depression in October 2022.
  • The Italian-American actress was rumored to have an estimated net worth of $30 million. However, she expressed, “She doesn’t worth $30 million, not even close.”
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